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Why the Senior Options Showcase Is So Timely

Today in America, many seniors are facing an unexpected financial crisis and are in need of immediate assistance. No other company or site offers such detailed information to seniors on how to sell their homes. As a result, all your plans concerning what process to follow are often unrealistic. Libby tells you whether to buy, sell, rent, or stay put.

Expert Guidance Helps You Sell Your Home &
Make Educated Lifestyle Decision Choices

Libby's Senior Options Showcase (SOS) website is a new way of deciding where to go next using “Libby’s Magic Hand”©. The most up-to-date information on how to sell your home for the best price and an opportunity to see in one place at one time a variety of options in life style choices for seniors and their families. Links to the resources that will help you make the best decision as to whether to…“BUY, SELL, RENT, OR STAY PUT”©

In Addition to LOWER Home Values, We Are Facing:
• LOWER Value of Investments • LOWER Medicare Benefits • LOWER Social Security Benefits
• LOWER Retirement Benefits • LOWER Veterans Benefits
These Are Coupled with:
• RISING Costs of Everyday Living • RISING Uncertainty of Future
Financial Security
• RISING Costs of Retirement
 • RISING Costs of Health Care



Couple Packing

Libby has established a reputation for her dedication to serving her clients as well as her commitment to the community. Libby offers an unequaled level of insight into the local market, 24 hour round-the-clock availability; and most important, a "listening ear" to personalize her clients' service. She specializes in mature adult housing and life style decisions.

At Libby Zurkow Enterprises LLC of Wilmington, Delaware, we advise you whether to sell your home in order to ensure your future financial security. A large majority of senior citizens that sell their homes without doing homework only receive 50% net cash from the sale, which is typically less than they expected. Before you list your home, we provide you with information to make selling your home profitable and hassle free.

The average age of people visiting our website has turned out to be 45 years old, so we want to include children and family members who may be interested in using this website to help the senior members of their family in making wise. lifestyle choices.

About Libby Zurkow Enterprises LLC

The team at Libby Zurkow Enterprises LLC of Wilmington, Delaware, is here to help America's senior citizens. Real estate agent Libby Zurkow uses her more than 50 years of experience to help seniors make wise choices regarding lifestyle and home ownership. We'll show how to know if you should "Buy, Sell, Rent, or Stay Put"!

Check out our blog to follow Libby's current activities, detailed University information, and Academy Classes featuring guest speakers!



Contact us to speak with Libby if you are a senior or a family member deciding whether to be "REPOTTED".


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